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Welcome to the Agua Apprentices Program

An online lesson and activity guide of environmental and science lessons to complete in your own space, from the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation. Apprentices can complete three lessons per “season” to be named an “Agua Master”. (Level 1 - Agua Novice, Level 2 - Agua Journeyman & Level 3 – Agua Master). There are two video’s per lesson, the educational message, then the activity as well as a printable lesson plan. Lessons are most applicable for K – 4th grade.  


The lessons were made to be replicable in your own space, meaning supplies around a common household. Don’t have the supplies? Stop by the Discovery Center, and grab a pre-made kit. The kits will be labeled outside the main doors in a green mini library cabinet. (use photo attached to show where). The Discovery Center gates will be locked, use the turnaround parking space to quickly park and grab your kit. Kits are first come first serve.

Lesson 1: Outdoor Archaeology

Have you heard the word archaeology before? Archaeology is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites or digs and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains.  Artifacts can be things like pottery, tools, skeletons or buildings. Archaeologists study human activity, and life that roamed the earth before people, from thousands of years ago all the way through today. In addition to artifacts, how else do we learn about our history?  One way is through fossils! A fossil is the remains or impression of a prehistoric organism preserved in petrified form or as a mold or cast in rock. When a fossil is found in the earth a scientist can run tests to date the fossil so we can learn and understand the plants and animals that lived in different times.  All these things can help scientists and archaeologists figure out where we lived, how we lived, what we ate amongst many other behaviors and lifestyles.