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2020 Lagoona Kahuna Team Challenge

Calsense Won a Repeat Victory and we thank all 8 teams whether virtual or Live throughout the week for participating!

Quote from AJ. Van de Ven ~President

      “ I sincerely wanted to thank you for putting on this event. It meant a lot for our team to be able to get  out there again and give back. You and your team do such an amazing job with the Foundation and I’m honored to be able to support you in any way we can.” 

AJ. Van de Ven ~President

Thanks to our Venue Sponsor: California Water Sports

Food/Brew Sponsor: Pizza Port

Volunteers: Our Board, Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship and Otter Products

Sponsors: Hale and Associates,Easy Life Management, Stifel Carlsbad-Gary Endres, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ryan & Develop your Team

Other Participators: Calsense, Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce.

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