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Our trip to the Discovery center was incredibly informative and inspiring! My students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and they used that momentum for their botanical illustrations project. We are looking forward to our next excursion in the spring.

Megan, Art Teacher

Sage Creek High School, Carlsbad

Wow! Just phenomenal... the most valuable Field Trip I have ever attended in terms of pre/post and during activities and curriculum support. I am jazzed to have these follow-up activities... Love the basket weaving template... I may try to fit that in too after the holiday break as we continue our study of Native Americans. Please also give our best regards to the Storyteller... he was grand and so memorable to the kids for his content and delivery.

Lucy, Third Grade Teacher

Breeze Hill Elementary, Vista

Thank you for such an enjoyable, engaging 'outdoor school' experience. Our students learned so many things and now have an appreciation for how hard people in the past had to work to survive.As always, we can't wait until we come again. Please tell your teachers how much I admire their expertise and how well they worked with our students!

Karen, Third Grade Teacher

Jefferson Elementary, Carlsbad

We had a fantastic time! The kids really enjoyed everything and learned a ton. We would definitely like to come back next year!

Summer, 3rd Grade Teacher

Carrillo Elementary, Carlsbad

Our students, parents, and teachers all enjoyed their day at the Discovery Center. Your fabulous staff and engaging curriculum made it a fun and educational day. We hope to be able to return to the center for another great experience next year.

Eunice, 3rd Grade Teacher

Carrillo Elementary, Carlsbad

We had such a great experience at the field trip today! The kids loved it too! The presentations were all stellar and we would love to return!

Betsy, Third Grade Teacher

North Terrace Elementary, Oceanside

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I appreciate all you and your staff do. The programs are so educational and hands on. I love it and so do the students!

Luz, 3rd Grade Teacher

Mission Elementary, Oceanside

The whole program was wonderfully run; students were engaged with the education.

Third Grade Teacher

Kelly Elementary, Carlsbad

The students were able to connect previous learning to hands on activities.

Willburn, Third Grade Teacher

St. Mary Star of the Sea, Oceanside

Teachers are so great!

Lovick, Third Grade Teacher

Hope Elementary, Carlsbad

Students were able to learn about their community and respect the environment and the importance of preserving it!

Tappin, 3rd Grade Teacher

St. Patrick Catholic School, Carlsbad

It was definitely the best field trip I've been on in my 15 years of teaching. Your program is fun, educational, relevant, and your teachers are top-notch! We will definitely be back!

Shamera, 3rd Grade Teacher

Carrillo Elementary, Carlsbad

It was such a fantastic field trip! Our kids learned so much and said it was the best field trip! We appreciated all the effort that the teachers put in to make the presentations educational and entertaining. Thank you so much!!

Roxanne, Educational Facilitator-Lower Elementary 1st-3rd

Community Montessori Charter School, Santee

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