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Let's Celebrate! Bring your Decorations and Cake!

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We have different Birthday packages to fit your child's interests!


All Birthday packages are for two hours and located outside in Nature Node #1 only. Packages are for 15 children, adults complimentary. The party package should be booked for the age that the majority of the guests will be. We want to reduce, reuse and recycle and have the natural beauty of nature shine through as your décor, so we suggest a Happy Birthday sign and Table Cloths – think natural!  We require 2 weeks booking in advance. All other areas of the Discovery Center will not be accessible due to other rentals, activities and public use.

Special Features: Shazeebo brand shade sails cover the entirety of this space with market lights strung across and views of the lagoon in the distance. Electricity Outlet in close proximity. 

1. Junior Explorer Package (for ages 3 – 5): $300

Introduce your little ones to the wonders of sea creatures with a fun fish craft and a visit from Beeps the Baby Shark! 

  • Animal interactions with two ambassadors

  • Do a fish craft with recycled materials

  • Meet our shark mascot Beeps!

  • Participate in a simple scavenger hunt

2. Fairy Garden Party Package (for ages 3 – 5): $300

Magic and living in harmony with nature just like fairies are key to this whimsical party!  Costumes are welcome, and fairy wings will be available for partygoers for $5 each. 

  • Animal interactions with two ambassadors

  • Hear a story about the kinds of gardens that fairies love

  • Make a fairy house with recycled materials

  • Participate in a simple scavenger hunt

3. Awesome Adventurer Package (for ages 6 – 8): $350

Bugs and bees are featured in these interactive party crafts, with special appearances by some of our reptile ambassadors.

  • Animal interactions with three ambassadors

  • Participate in a scavenger hunt around the Discovery Center 

  • Make a ladybug or bumblebee craft with recycled materials

4. Radical Ranger Package (ages 9 – 12): $425

Raptors and reptiles are the stars in this party package created for older kids.

  • Animal interactions with three ambassadors

  • Enjoy a raptor presentation with one bird-of-prey

  • Do an owl pellet dissection activity

4. Green Planet Warrior (ages 9 – 12): $425

Get down, dirty, and green with this birthday package focusing on earth-friendly activities, including making your own seed-bombs to plant in your garden! 

  • Get to know our chicken flock

  • Learn about composting, vermicomposting, and meet some of our native critters that help break down natural materials

  • Make your own seed-bombs to take home

*Additional party goers, over 15, can be added at $5 per child but must be RSVP’d for in advance 72 hours before the party.  If additional children show up day of, a $15 fee per child will be charged. (if over 15 children, and not RSVP’d).

 A Party Goer is defined as a child ages 3 years an up. Kids 2 years and under would not be considered towards this count, as they would not be participating in the activities (and complimentary). 

Skip the Goodie Bag, Give kids the gift of legacy!

For an extra $2 per child, we will print adoption cards of our animals, and the money will be used for keeping their habitats up to date and for food and care needs! Great replacement for goody bags, or a great addition! 

Add a Birthday Helper for $75!

Helpers stay for the duration of the party, and assist with set up, clean up and more!

To book your Birthday Party contact: or call (760) 804-1969

Birthday Party Details: 

  • All packages include:

    • Space Rental​

    • 3) 6ft rectangular tables  (72 inches length x 30 inches width x 29 inches height)

    • 3 circular 5ft tables (60 inches diameter x 29 inches height)

    • 20 Chairs

    • 15 children

  • No substitutions please​

Available Times: 
  • Saturday: 11am -1pm ​or 2pm - 4pm

  • Sunday: 11am-1pm or 2pm - 4pm

  • This is based upon availability and other reserved rentals​

  • Birthday party packages are currently booking at least one month in advance

Booking/Payment and Cancellation Policy: ​
  • Full payment is required upon booking your party in order to reserve your time slot. Please contact us to reserve a tentative hold. 

  • If necessary, the date can be moved should the Discovery Center space allows (up to one year), as long as we are given notice before two weeks. 

  • Payment is non-refundable if cancelled within two weeks. If cancelled up until two weeks, it is 50% refundable.   

A Few Notes: 
  • Free time around the Discovery Center is dependent on events, rentals, activities, and other visitors to the Center. We guarantee the rented space and activities provided, not free roam of the Discovery Center.

  • We clear a shelf in the refrigerator in our kitchen to store a cake or other snacks during your party. 

  • We do not have linens. We require you to bring your own. We provide 3) 5ft round tables and 3) 6ft rectangular tables. 

  • We are No Styrofoam Zone. 

  • Confetti/Glitter/Balloons are not permitted onsite. 

  • Remember to bring cutlery, a cake knife, a lighter for candles, and any other supplies you may need.

  • You are welcome to bring your own food for the party such as pizza, desserts, snacks, etc.

What are folks saying about their experience renting the facilities at AHLF for Birthday Parties

The Discovery Center is really a hidden gem in North County San Diego! I love bringing my child here to explore, play and learn. What I really love about the center is their awesome kids birthday parties! They have packages for different age levels and it’s really such a great party. The kids and parents all love it! You get a party host to help you run the party and there is plenty of time to explore and play with friends. The setting overlooks the back side of the lagoon which is perfect! I cannot recommend having a party here enough. What I love most is the money you pay to book the party goes back into nature! A win win for your child and the environment! This is the second party I’ve done at the center for my son and it’s been perfect every time. The parties are well organized. The party planner Samantha was communicative, accommodating and super helpful and our party host Isabella was great with the children and helped keep our activities going smoothly! 10/10 awesome kids party spot!

Eva Posey Stollar - January, 2023

I want to say bravo to your organization. My daughter Isabella's 8th birthday party on 4/22 was so wonderful. The kids and parents all had a wonderful time and Isabella on your team who facilitated the event was wonderful to work with. Thank you so much! 

Mia Park - May, 2023

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for making our first birthday party a success. Everyone was very friendly and helpful on Saturday and everything was set up as expected. Thank you again!! 

Andrea Weeks

Bugs and Bubbles Birthday Party

Our party was a huge success!  The kids love every part of it.   Ms. Julia was awesome and Bennett was so kind and helpful too.  Thank you for helping us throw an awesome birthday party for our critter loving kiddo and her friends.  

Thank You!

We had such a wonderful time at Victoria’s birthday party.  All the guests were impressed with the venue, the staff, and the activities.  Set up was a breeze.  The staff were very helpful.  They interacted well with the children.  I very much appreciated that they kept the schedule moving, but were very discreet about it.  And so we seamlessly flowed from one activity to the other.  The children could have spent hours perfecting their squid/octopus craft.  The animal interactions were so well thought out.  Thank you for considering the interests of the guests.  The scavenger hunt was a huge success - and educational, too, which was a big plus for the parents.  Guests with no young children enjoyed the spectacular view. Thank you so much.  It exceeded my expectations.  Thank you for offering this service.

Maryam Tanudra

Birthday Party Rental

Curren’s 3rd Birthday was amazing.  Thank you so much.  We will definitely be booking more events with you all.  Your graciousness and understanding and additional help was so thoughtful especially after our family had been evacuated.

Megan Carter

Birthday Party Rental

I want to take a moment and let you know we had a great birthday party there at the Discovery Center last Sunday, Oct 1st. All the kids enjoyed the reptile experience and scavenger hunt too. Randy did a great job with the kids & he gave great facts about each reptile. As a parent, I was thankful he also discussed safety and reminded them not to try to touch snakes in the wild. He was a pleasure to work with.. making sure I had what I needed too!

Valerie McConnin

Birthday Party Rental

Thank you so much for helping make the arrangements for our daughter, Aliana, to celebrate her birthday at your Discovery Center. You made it very easy! It was wonderful to see the children so interested in the animals and having such a great time learning about them and interacting with them. The volunteers were very welcoming, helpful and great with children. We were so appreciative of the warm and educational way they helped the guests interact with the animals. We had a great day! Thank you!

Katrina Carroll

Birthday Party Rental

I just have to tell you that the party yesterday far exceeded our expectations and everyone had such a good time. Randy was so helpful, super friendly and really flexible with the schedule. Thank you so much for your help! Best party ever!

Sarrah Gielow

Birthday Party Rental


  • How much does it cost to rent the Discovery Center?
    See rental pricing information above.
  • Do I get the entire Discovery Center with the flat rate price?
  • Can I just rent a room during open hours?
    Yes, see A-La-Carte options above. We cannot rent the Rotunda Room during our open hours.
  • How long can I stay?
    The party must strictly end at 10pm. You can clean-up and tear down from 10pm - 11pm. Cleaning comes in at 11pm. Carlsbad has a noise ordinance of 10pm (all live music/DJ services must end at 10pm). It is recommended that you call the Carlsbad Police non-emergency line ahead of time to let them know of your party: 760-931-2197.
  • Does AHLF have a kitchen?
    Yes, and it is available for you to use. We have some fridge space, no freezer space.
  • Can I bring in Alcohol?
    Yes. If you are a member, you may bring alcohol. If you are not a member, you must get an ABC license.
  • Can I bring in Catering?
    Yes. We do not allow any Styrofoam and CA Law requires compostable plates/cutlery.
  • Do you require certain Vendors?
    No. Just no Styrofoam. We do have some recommendations based on vendors that have provided services before. Please inquire with your booking.
  • What is the lighting like outdoors?
    There are lights that automatically turn on the surrounding building at dusk and market lights strung across the back patio.
  • Do you have heating and air conditioning?
    Inside, yes. We do not have outdoor heat lamps. You may rent them. No fire pits though (open flame).
  • Can I bring outside rental items in?
    Yes. The drop—off needs to occur at time of rental. Pick-up needs to occur before our opening hours the following day. We encourage you to use Ara’s Party Rentals, as they abide to the timeframes and know the center.
  • Can I bring in decorations and put up items?
    Yes. You will be charged the $200 fee if the decorations do not come down at the end of the night, or if any items destroy the paint on the walls, or furnishings.
  • Do you have linens?
  • How many tables and chairs do you have and what are the sizes?
    10 - 5ft round tables (60 inches diameter x 29 inches height) - comfortably seats 8, tighter squeeze 10 5 - 6ft Rectangular Tables (71 inches length x 29 inches width x 29 inches height) - comfortably seats 6, 8 tighter squeeze 2 - 4ft rectangular tables (48 inches length x 24 inches width x 29 inches height) 7 - Circular Belly Bar Tables (32 inches diameter, 43 inches height 1 - Rollaway Bar Table (77 inches length x 21 inches width x 33 inches height) 1 - Back Bar (72 inches length x 18 inches width x 33 inches height) 1 - 6ft Telescoping Table (71 inches length x 29 inches width x 29 inches height) - 2'' Increments from 24'' up to a 32'' max height. 60 white folding chairs
  • What should I bring?
    Your own kitchen items (we do not have any serving trays, wine openers, utensils or accessories), your own lighter (to light candles), any decor, linens, and your party items.
  • How do I reserve?
    Join as a Discovery Member (memberships are non-refundable). Full payment required within two weeks of the rental. 50% Non-Refundable Fee charged in the months of June and December upon booking. Non-Refundable if cancelled within two weeks.
  • Does the AHLF Set-Up Chairs & Tables?
    We can set up our own tables and chairs at a cost of $100. If you want us to put linens on, set up décor, and other items, the cost is $500. If we are setting up third party vendor items this is an additional $100.
  • Can I store things at the Discovery Center Prior to My Rental or After?
    No. All items need to be delivered within the window of your rental (unless we were decorating for you; those items need to come before).
  • Are the animals covered up or moved in the main room?
    We have one extra room divider if requested we can cover a portion of reptile city.
  • Are we allowed to have fire pits on the back patio?
  • Can we bring a pinata?
  • Do you have extension cords for us to use?
  • Can we use the Kitchen/Fridge/Freezer?
    Yes. We clear a shelf in the fridge. The freezer has very limited space. We recommend you bring plenty of coolers. The entire kitchen you may use.
  • Do you have scissors/tape/sharpies for use?
    No please bring all supplies form home.
  • Do I Need to Lock Up at the End of the Night?
    YES. If you choose to use the Third-Party Cleaning Team ($200), they will put all chairs and tables away, take out trash, clean and return the Center back to normal. You are still required to lock the doors because they come early in the morning, as not to cut your party short. If you chose not to use them, you are required to put the Center back as you found it.
  • Can we have candles?
  • Is there WIFI?
  • Can I hire an AHLF Staff Member to be onsite to help with my Event?
    YES. The cost is $55 per hour, and cannot work past 8 hours. Dependent on staff availability.
  • Are there non-profit Rates Available?
    YES. Inquire with
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