Raptor Ridge was established in 2021, and brings 4 native raptor species to the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation’s Discovery Center to  provide a new form of concentrated education about these birds of prey as well as outreach opportunities. Learn about the ambassadors, private tours, educational outreach opportunities, donor and sponsorship giving levels, and the history of the exhibit below.

Meet our Raptors

Applegate Family Peregrine Patio

Celerity, Peregrine Falcon (Female)

Diet: Smaller birds

Age: Unknown (Injured 2016 as an adult)

Lifespan: 10-20 years in the wild, 20-30 years in captivity

Injury: Broken right wing, never healed properly


Kulchin’s Kestrel Corner

Blue, American Kestrel (Male)

Diet: Insects, small rodents, and small birds

Age: About 5 years

Lifespan: 5-10 years in the wild, 15-20 years in captivity

Injury: Imprinted on the person who found him


Phoenxy’s Owl Island

Who, Great Horned Owl (Male)

Diet: Small mammals

Age: 9 years

Lifespan: 10-20 years in the wild, 20-30 years in captivity

Injury: Blind in right eye


Tecolote, Western Screech Owl (Male)

Diet: Small mammals and large insects

Age: Unknown (Injured 2017 as an adult)

Lifespan: 5-10 years in the wild, 15-20 years in captivity

Injury: Blind in left eye and partially blind in right eye

Falcon Feeding Fridays!

Every Friday at 3:00pm enjoy an opportunity to see the falcons do what they do best – be carnivores! A Raptor Specialist or intern will answer any questions you may have about the falcons, and watch them up close and personal enjoying their dinner!


Private Tours: $250, $150 for Members of AHLF 

Tour Raptor Ridge at the Discovery Center with a Raptor Specialist and meet all 4 of our raptor ambassadors up close and personal. Learn about their behavior, habitat, and species specific information as well as their personal impairments which is why they call the Agua Hedionda Discovery Center home. The tour is approximately 45 minutes and includes up to 4 people. You will be allowed to take a photo with one raptor of choice (at a safe distance). Petting, holding or feeding the raptors is not permitted.

  • Maximum 6 people

  • Additional guests $25 each

  • Add libations of your choice and charcuterie at the end of the tour on our back patio - $50 for four people

Educational Outreach Opportunities: $150

Book an outreach for your classroom, meeting, festival, event, educational gathering and more!
30 minute educational outreach presentation in North County, San Diego

  • If traveling outside of North County, an additional travel distance and cost will be calculated based upon location.

Looking for a virtual opportunity if you’re not local to San Diego? Consider booking a Pop-In with our raptors! Visit our Virtual Pop-In page here for details, pricing and reservations.


Donor and Sponsorship Opportunities

Give a Hoot Donor (Outreach Donor): $5,000
  • Plaque by Outdoor Amphitheater, private encounter with 6 raptors and name announced at every assembly (virtual or live) for the year sponsored.

    • 2021 – Brookfield Properties

Habitat Enhancement Donor (leashes, perches, enrichment tools, traveling habitats): $3,000
  • Plaque with name recognizing contribution displayed near Raptor Ridge

    • 2021 – Your Business or Name Here!

Happy Bird Visits (Annual Veterinarian Sponsorship): $2,000
  • Plaque with name recognizing contribution displayed near Raptor Ridge

    • 2021 – Bill Milligan

    • 2022 – Your Business Name Here!

Food Donor (6 months Food Supply): $1,200
  • Plaque with name recognizing contribution displayed near Food Freezer

  • 2021 - Your Business or Name Here!

Flight Donor: $500
  • Two Engraved Commemorative Bricks

Ridge Donor: $250
  • One engraved Commemorative Brick

Contributing Donor: $100


AHLF and The Raptor Institute

AHLF was founded 30 years ago and exists to serve our great community in providing environmental education, conservation and access to the lagoon and the surrounding trails. Our environmental education is creating a new generation of people with reverence, joy and appreciation for the land, the water and nature. In 2020, we embarked on this new educational expansion, Raptor Ridge on Cannon Road.

Our esteemed Academy of Environmental Stewardship program has featured the Raptor Institute (a local San Diego environmental non-profit) for the since 2011. The Raptor Institute has been a valued partner as an edutainer bringing live birds of prey into our 3rd grade adaptions program, as well as many events, birthday parties and outreaches we have held at the Foundation. The Raptor Institute looked to re-home their birds at the Discovery Center.

About the Raptor Institute

Founded in 2011, The Raptor Institute was a federally recognized 501(c)3 California non-profit corporation based in San Diego. They focused their education and research on raptor species native to California and the desert southwest. It was their goal that through community outreach and education they can help to expose people to the wonders of nature in their local communities. The respect for nature that is fostered among audiences will directly impact their desire to protect local habitat and wildlife in and around their community.

Due to the changes and restrictions in the educational world brought on by the Pandemic, The Raptor Institute was unable to continue on with its highly regarded in person outreach programs partnered with the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation to re-home 4 of their birds, and take over their educational programming.

We successfully raised the initial funds to build the habitats, train with the Raptor Institute and bring the raptors onsite through a Giving Tuesday and End of Year Campaign in 2020. We will continue providing opportunities for donors to sponsor these raptors to help cover the ongoing expenses.