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Haunted Corn Maze: A Scary Good Time

October is a month notorious for people going out of their way to scare themselves silly. For those in search of fright filled nights, the Haunted Corn Maze at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company’s (CSC) Pumpkin Patch was happy to deliver. Tunnels filled with creepy dolls, towering cornstalks eerily blowing and scraping in the breeze, and monsters waiting around every corner to jump out when you least expect it kept patrons on their toes and clutching whoever they chose to brave the maze with. Every Friday and Saturday in October, as the sun set and the evening gave way to night, hundreds of people entered the corn maze with smiles on their faces and tittering nervous laughter.

By the time patrons made it to the exit, one was more likely to hear bone chilling screams as they sprinted back to the safety of the main pumpkin patch, a ghoul with a chainsaw close on their heels. None of this macabre merriment would have been possible without the dedicated volunteers who donated their hard work and free time to transforming into terrifying creatures and scaring the daring maze goers. We would like to thank them once again for their enthusiasm and commend them on a job very well done. Between our partnership with the CSC and our volunteer scarers, the Haunted Corn Maze functions as one of Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation’s premier fundraising events.

Proceeds received help us to continue the incredible work we do energizing the community through education and outreach to preserve the Agua Hedionda watershed as a safe space in nature … for all! As we exit Spooky season and enter into Giving season, we’ve packed up our spooks and haunts…for now. Next year as the nights begin to grow cooler, the leaves begin turning color and there’s a tinge of spookiness in the air, keep an eye out for our haunting antics again. Until then, we’ve got plenty of creepy crawlies available to visit year-round at the Discovery Center!

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