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Mingle With Members 2023

Mixing, mingling and members abound, we couldn’t have asked for a better Mingle with Members event to kickoff our 2023! On Friday, January 27th the Discovery Center hosted our Mingle with Members event to thank our members for their support in helping us to carry out our mission and also to reach new potential members who care about our environment and community.

Sharing is caring, so we set out with a goal for the evening to convert 12 of our guests into members and envelop them into the Agua Family fold. Luck was in the air this evening as we had the largest turnout we have ever entertained for this event at over 150 attendees and we added 13 new members to our roster! Endless Blue, our fabulous live band, kept everyone swaying and singing with their talented tunes, Ara’s Party Rentals was kind enough to donate heaters to combat the cold and table clothes to keep us tidy and Pegasus Estate Winery kept the fun flowing at the bar with their incredible varietals! A huge shout out to our Board of Directors Member, Rocco Ciesco, for ensuring that our speaker system was ready for this event and our Data Entry Specialist Harini Natarajan for capturing all the incredible moments of the evening with her SUPER photography skills.

While of course mingling and getting to know fellow members was paramount to our evening’s activities, attendees were also invited to play a Superhero Ice breaker game, a Composting Game, enter our raffle and had the opportunity to meet a few of our chickens and chat about them with our CEO Lisa Rodman. The Superhero Ice Breaker game was a hit, with our winner returning her completed sheet in less than 10 minutes! Cheers to Margot, we hope she is enjoying her brand new AHLF hat and gift card to Senor Grubbys.

The Composting Game helped several members to learn more about best compost practices and win composting caddies for their house to help them achieve their composting dreams. The raffle winner is the proud new owner of a crepe maker, four gorgeous matte black dinner plates, two bottles of wine, a Richard Walker Pancake House gift card and an apron! It was a night where merriment and celebration were abundant and the Foundation had the opportunity to show off our beautiful Discovery Center and its ever-changing offerings. With excitement, we charge into our next event on Friday February 10th – The

Melaleuca Launch Party…See you all there!

Photos by Harini SA Photography,

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