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Awesome Agua Animals

This class offers teachers the right blend of entertainment and educational value, creating fun, interactive learning experiences best suited for kindergarten through elementary-age students. The program is a virtual offering that serves as a supplement to classroom instruction.

Looking for educational entertainment during your virtual school lessons?

The Discovery Animal Ambassadors would love to make an appearance! For up to 30 minutes, an Agua Hedionda teacher will join your google classroom lesson, and introduce your students to up to 4 animal ambassadors at the Discovery Center, virtually. Students will learn about their behavior, any adaptations, where they live, and fun facts. 


Let us bring the field trip to you!


Children will learn about new animals and ecosystems that may have never crossed their mind. There is lots to share and lots to tell. Let our animal experts guide you on a virtual animal encounter and share original experiences that will be sure to leave everyone smiling, and inspired.   


Cost: ​

30 minute virtual program: $49.99

1 hour virtual program: $89.99

Grant funding is available for Title 1 schools/classrooms with Title 1 students. Grant funding is limited and is on a first come first serve basis. 

Bookings and Availability: 

Please email, with two or more preferred times and dates; Awesome Agua Animals is offered anytime between 9am-3pm PST, Monday-Friday. Program time is flexible and can accommodate EST or earlier and later start times. We will need to be invited into your virtual classroom via link and classroom code if applicable. Common platforms used, but are not limited to, include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, and Skype. 

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