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ZOOM Birthday Parties 

Celebrate your Birthday with Agua Hedionda and the Discovery Center Animal Ambassadors virtually! We will bring the “interaction” to you through ZOOM, where you will meet our animal ambassadors and more! Invite your friends (up to 7 individuals) and all can participate! This is a 45 minute led interaction. 

Please choose your party Favor craft option, and animal ambassadors (up to 4) below, as well as a preferred date and time, and back-up option.

(Monday – Sunday’s 11am – 5pm). 

For availability and booking, contact:

Book your virtual party today – and 1.9% of the total cost will be donated to your school PTA of choice, to assist with the fundraising efforts due to COVID-19 closures.  

What’s Included:
  • 30 minute Animal Interactions via ZOOM for you and your 7 friends, choose up to 4 animals, we guarantee 3 interactions, but if there is time, we will do 4

  • Show and Tell and questions between the animal interactions 

  • Downloadable and Printable Birthday Hat with the Birthday person’s name on it (that can be sent to all the guests by the host, before the party, to decorate for day of wearing and picture opportunity)  (not led through ZOOM)

Hat Options: Color Your Own Hat, Flower Hat, Pig Hat, Snake Hat

  • Party favor/craft  for the guests to do when ever fits their schedule (not led through ZOOM) 

Itinerary: 45 minutes 
  • Introductions and Happy Birthday

  • Share your Birthday Hat!

  • Animal Ambassador 1 Meet and Greet 

    • Questions and Scavenger Hunt/Share Time  

  • Animal Ambassador 2 Meet and Greet 

    • Questions and Scavenger Hunt/Share Time  

  • Animal Ambassador 3 Meet and Greet 

    • Questions and Scavenger Hunt/Share Time  

  • At Home Party Favor (Craft)

  • Group ZOOM picture & Happy Birthday 

Animal Ambassadors to Choose From: 
  • Rosy the Rosy Boa (small snake)

  • Remy the Ball Python (large snake)

  • Jazz the Leopard Gecko (small gecko)

  • DJ the Leopard Gecko (small gecko)

  • Chyann the African Toad (Toad)

  • Tommy the Sulcata Dessert Tortoise (Small Tortoise) 

  • Leo the Sulcata Dessert Tortoise (Small Tortoise) 

  • Tortie the Sulcata Dessert Tortoise (Large Tortoise) 

  • Vlad the Russian Dessert Tortoise (Small Tortoise) 

  • Goonie the Red Eared Slider (Medium Turtle) 

  • Sandy the Red Eared Slider (Small Turtle)

  • Winston the Australian Bearded Dragon (Large Lizard) 

  • Cracker and Jelly the Australian Bearded Dragons (Small lizards, juvenile) 

  • Tiffany the Tarantula (Large Spider) 

  • Hank the Guinea Pig (Medium Guinea Pig) 

  • Pilot the Crested Gecko (small gecko) 

YOU make Party Favor Options: 

  • Members & Prospective Members: $49.99

  • Optional: Add a $10 donation towards our animal ambassadors 

  • Fun Addition, $10: Birthday child gets to be at the center alone with friends on Zoom (must provide laptop)

If you are a member of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation you also receive: 

  • Certificate of thanks for participating in being a Good Lagoon Steward displayed at the Discovery Center highlighting the Birthday Person  

  • Complimentary Certificate for one free ice cream (sent with booking) to redeem at your next Discovery Center visit 

The Birthday Parent or Guardian is responsible for sending invitations, collecting emails and names and sending back to Agua Hedionda (up to 8 guests). The Agua Hedionda Team will send the ZOOM link to each participants email 2 hours prior to the booked time. The parent/guardian is responsible for sending the hats, party favor with instructions, and any other communications to all participants.  

For availability and booking, contact:

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