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AHLF Plants Native Trees on Arbor Day

On Arbor Day, April 28, 2022, volunteers showed up early at the Discovery Center to plant ten native Torrey Pine trees on the Discovery Center property. Thirty additional “foster families” arrived to pick up their “foster” seedlings to take home and nurture until October when permanent planting locations will be found to place them into their new home ground.

The program was expanded by the support of Thermo Fisher Scientific who sponsored one lucky group of third graders at Pacific Rim Elementary with an additional 100 seedlings for their school site.

This pilot program was spearheaded by our team member, George Wever, who was concerned that the survival of Torrey pines was very grim. Torrey Pines are native to the area, drought resistant, and endangere. We have 18 healthy Torrey Pines at the Discovery Center indicating that the Discovery Center is a fertile place for them to thrive. There are many groups like us robustly planting Torreys, and other native trees, as they help fight the complications brought on by Climate Change by sequestering carbon.

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