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Speakeasy Event Launched 2022 Gala Theme – The Aggua Family

They've got creepies and they're kooky, Spiny and they’re spooky, They're all together ooky, The Aggua Family

The Center’s a museum, When people come to see 'em The raptors are a screa-um The Aggua Family

So get your walking shoes on, Awe-some-ness is all around on. We're going to make a call on The Aggua Family

(Original lyrics by Melony Vance)

April 28th was a lovely Thursday evening, when the Discovery Center “Great Room” was transformed into the Addams family living room for our Agua VIP’S, a first-in-series of Speak Easies leading up to the Aggua Family Gala on August 27th, 2022 held right here at the Discovery Center. Lurch served arriving guests a glass of prosecco as they awaited entrance to the “Addams Family Mansion” where clues were hidden and a secret door opened allowing entry to the Pisco Party on the Patio.

Guests participated in an Addams Family Trivia contest, deliciousness was served up by Farmhouse Catering (a preview of the Gala dinner caterer), three different Pisco cocktails were enjoyed by all, and the AHLF staff sang a unique version of the Addams Family theme song (see above)! The Honorees for the upcoming Gala, Carole and John Sanders, attended and we were able to show them a little preview of our Aggua Family love.

Stay tuned for more fun events leading up to this year’s Aggua Family Gala…You won’t want to miss them!

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